Dear Roeland Park Business Leader,
The Mayor and City Council invites your participation in a business survey designed to gather input and feedback on City programs and services from business leaders. The information you provide in this survey will be used to improve existing programs and services and help determine long-range planning and investment decisions.

ETC Institute is one of the nation's leading local government research firms. It is important to note your individual survey responses will remain confidential. ETC Institute will present the survey results to the City Council after they have been compiled and analyzed. The survey results will also be available on the City website.

We greatly appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to complete this survey. The time you invest in this survey will help us understand the needs of our business community and influence numerous decisions about the future of Roeland Park. Please feel free to contact Kelley Bohon, City Clerk, at 913-722-2600 or email her at if you should have any questions or require additional information.

Thank you again for taking time out of your schedule to help us make Roeland Park a Premier City!